Watch matches and unlock your data

View your own - and your competitors’ - games and access a comprehensive suite of statistics related to your team’s performance. Don’t fancy re-watching the whole match? No problem: we’ve already tailor-made a highlights reel of the best moments from the game.

Your best moments

We automatically give you match highlights.  No need to trawl through hours of footage to find that moment you scored a scorcher – we’ve already identified it, so all you need to do is watch it again and share it with the world.

Video-enhanced stats

Our algorithm identifies key events in the game and turns these into handy statistics on your team’s performance. Where relevant, each of the stats is enhanced by a video that demonstrates this stat in action.

Share the magic

We get it. When you’ve had an amazing game, you want to tell the world about it.  Well, now you can share the video with the world too. We’ve made downloading highlights and individual goal clips easy, so you can download them and share on your social channels.

Ready to start viewing?

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