Get the capture app

The capture is currently in Beta, but you can download it and start recording your matches today.

For iPhone users

Download We Play Sport Capture Beta with Testflight

TestFlight is an app owned by Apple, which lets you install and use our Beta app on your iPhone while we work hard to iron out any kinks. In a few weeks we’ll launch our own app.

Oh, and you have our word: downloading our TestFlight Beta is very safe, very quick, and very easy.

1. Install Testflight

Go to the Appstore and search for Testflight. When you find it, tap GET

2. Sign in with Apple ID

Tap Continue to sign in with your Apple ID and accept the terms on the next screen.

3. On your phone tap the button below

Tap the button below and follow the instructions on Testflight
Continue in Testflight


You are ready to go

If you have any problems contact us here