Automated live-streaming, highlights & statistics for water polo

We make it easy to capture, view, analyse, and share your most amazing moments.
Whether it’s that last second winner you scored, or the crucial save you made that won your team the championship, we’ve got it covered so you can bask in the glory.
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It's a kind of magic

We Play Sport is a simple and effortless way to capture your matches. Everyone can record their games with our app, while coaches, players and fans can all enjoy access to our automated match highlights and statistics.
Countries where water polo matches are already being captured

Seamless video capture*

*that's GDPR-compliant
We’ve made match video capture easy using our recording app.  Simply set up your phones with a little bit of help from our guide, and leave the rest to us with our seamless upload.  Our magical algorithms do the rest.
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For the players

Highlights, data, leaderboards
Whatever you’re most interested in – that video clip of the incredible goal you scored from miles out, or stats about your shooting and passing accuracy – we give you access to game-changing data and video-enhanced statistics that give you the power to showcase your skills and improve them.
Share magical moments
We pull out all the key moments from your matches and put them into tidy, edited highlights reels so you can share them with your friends & family.  Grandma couldn’t make it to the cup final?  Send her your key moments.
Build your personal sports profile
As your games are captured with our app, you’ll build up a collection of 100s of dynamically-created video moments and statistics.  Track your performance over time, compare yourself with other teams and athletes, and catch the discerning eyeof national team & college coaches.
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For coaches

Save hours!
If you already use video for analyzing your matches, you know how painfully time-consuming the manual tagging of footage can be.  We also know how busy you are, so our algorithms do the tagging and generate statistics and video reels of those stats automatically. You’re welcome.
Share key events
You can send our statistics and video reels to players directly via email, Whatsapp, or whatever you use to communicate, which is quicker and easier than waiting for everyone on the team to be in the same room.
Boost performance
Our automated statistics, and the video clips that enhance them, provide you with the perfect tool to identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, monitor key metrics over time, and prepare for your next opponents.  We’ll even give you personalized tips on what to work on in training tomorrow. Treat us as your assistant coach.  The only downside is we can’t help you carry any kit.

Machine learning AI

We use cutting-edge, nerdy algorithms to detect players and key events - like goals,passes, and shots - in your match. This then allows us to give you automated highlights videos and statistics, so you don’t need to spend time trawling through
the full match for your key moments.

And it's free

Get started with We Play Sport and it will cost you nothing, nada, rien, nichts.
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